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Please no orders from California. I no longer pay CA sales tax.
California residents can call Marv Golden Pilot Supplies or the Stop-Over-Store.
News: I visited a new NG sim operation in Atwater. The sim is up and running but they still have to build the briefing rooms and classrooms. It looks great.They plan several sims.
Ref: Sierra Acadamy. I'll post a contact soon.

I am sorry my web site is so hard to navigate.
If you have trouble just call me at 209 233 1440 (mobile). California time.
UTC -7
I am looking for someone to take over publishing the Big Boeing FMC Guide.
If you are an active "Honeywell" (Big Boeing) pilot and want to get into writing, give it some thought.

I have discontinued the AA Cockpit Companion.


I am pleased to announce I have teamed up with Robert Dorsett to produce several iPad apps to include the 737 Cockpit Companion (CCIPAD).

Note: CCIPAD requires iPad version 2 or later.

Using your iPad, do a search on the App store for B737. The Cockpit Companion with 2 orange C's will display.

Touch the cockpit display to get to the Reviews tab.

For a better description please visit Robert's web site at:

My E-mail:

Mail: Leading Edge Publishing, PO Box 2868, Merced, CA 95344-0868 USA

Mobile: 209 233 1440


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