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New Shipping Method to Europe and Australia/New Zealand. (Experimental)
FedEx and DHL have become too expensive.
Since covid, DHL wants $150 to ship a single book to Europe! FedEx about half that.
US Post Office International Priority is about $40, however I don't think there is tracking.
Here is my offer. If the book is lost, I will refund $40.00.
When you order, choose Pay by PO (Purchase Order). We will then finish the process via email.

The B737 FMC Guide is available at the top-left margin of this page (FMC GUIDE)
and thru the app on a subscription basis.

I have discontinued printing the Big Boeing FMC Guide.
It's gotten out of date and I have no way to update it.
I have been off the airplane for a long time!

I am pleased to announce I have teamed up with Robert Dorsett to produce the Cockpit Companion iPad app (CCIPAD).
It includes Classic, NG, and MAX models.
Note:CCIPAD requires iPad version 2 or later.
Using your iPad, do a search on the App store for B737. The two CCs will take you to the Cockpit Companion.

For a better description please visit Robert's web site at:

My E-mail:

Mail: Leading Edge Publishing, PO Box 2868, Merced, CA 95344-0868 USA

Mobile: 209 233 1440


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I can use FedEx for international shipments but it's expensive.

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